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Welcome to Wee Photographer

A photo isn’t just an image. There are thousands of emotions and a story hidden in that photo and we are there to bring out those serene and beautiful emotions.

Wee Photography is the ultimate stop for your need of Penang Wedding Photographers. Our wedding photographers specialize in capturing the moments you live during special occasions and turning them into eternal memories. We have been in this business for quite some time and we have quite a shimmering portfolio that is bound to impress you.

  • Why choose us?

We love capturing those stunning moments during your special occasions and making them eternal by putting them across in photos. We put our heart and soul to capture photos in the most candid and natural way.

  • No hidden cost

With Wee Photographer, you’ll never get any hidden cost because concentrate more on providing high-quality services. Our photographers never charge overtime cost, split day cost, or additional soft copies cost.


  • Our services

We offer services like Pre-Wedding photography,  Wedding day photography, cinematography, videography, makeup and hairdo, photo booths, bridal gowns rental, and more.


  • Significant testimonials

We believe customer satisfaction to be the most important critic of ours. We are always delighted to receive lovely comments from our customers. Seeing the smile on the faces of our customers when we hand over the photos to them gives us the joy to keep on improving.

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