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BK and Hui Ci Wedding at Penang Botanica Mansion

BK and Hui Ci held a garden wedding at the Botanica Mansion. The venue is quite a stylish one but has a relaxed and calm vibe at the same time. The picturesque surrounding of the mansion made their wedding day even more special. The wedding decorations were done in classic tones and being the wedding photographer, we captured some wonderful shots. The myriad of lush foliage all around served as the perfect backdrop. The incredible display of flowers at the venue made the photographs look even more beautiful.

White, plain linens were used everywhere which gave the venue a sense of lightness and glow. BK and Hui Ci looked lovely together and everybody had a smile on their face. Brimmed with hearty giggles and pure love, the wedding day was truly one of our most memorable ones as well. The bride looked gorgeous and we loved how her dress was full of tiny details. The décor resonated with the bride’s outfit which made her look perfect in the photographs. The love that was there between the wedding couple was prominent in their beaming smiles. Everything starting from the ethereal décor to the lovely bridesmaids made the wedding special. We tried to capture all of these through our photographs because this was their special day – the one the couple will cherish forever.


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