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Darren & Yen Nee wedding day

it is a beautiful day with a very nice car😊

Pretty bride with chinese traditional style wedding dress -Kuan Kua 裙褂

Weddings are a time of passion, happiness and it’s our job as a wedding photographer to capture all that happiness and emotion in a great manner. Darren & YenNee’s wedding was very interesting, full of traditional elements.

They prepared quite a lot for their wedding day with the idea of keeping things simple, fun and also suitable from a traditional standpoint. But they also implemented all kinds of funny games and ideas to make things a bit more different and fun.

What we like a lot about the Darren & YenNee wedding day is that they were quite nervous, but they didn’t let that get in the way for them.

Everything feels natural and it was a pleasure to capture funny and cool moments on camera for everyone to see and enjoy. What we appreciated a lot was the true focus on detail here. You rarely get to have all of that and seeing all families involved and trying to make the day perfect was a treat and a dream come true.

On top of that, it was my pleasure as a wedding photographer to retain a true focus on nuances and quality.

Of course it will be tricky at times to bring that vision to life. But their wedding day was magnificent and there are tons of cool pictures to see and enjoy here.

It was amazing for us as wedding photographer to see so much happiness and fun. Every picture exudes happiness and it also shows that even the younger couples are trying to keep the old customs alive. Because it’s fun, interesting and just great as a whole.

We got to capture everything that was very important during the wedding day. You have pictures with the family, the time when he got to her house to pick her up and so on. We put a lot of effort and focus into bringing in the best quality and experience. It was a blast to take these pictures and let Darren & YenNee experience these amazing situations again and again. ❤️

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