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Let's simplify together. Congratulations to our lovely couple Wei Hsing & Chai Wei💏

Although under the influence of the epidemic, Wei Hsing and Chai Wei also completed their beautiful wedding❤️

Following the SOP, everything went smoothly for the wedding 💏


Because of this pandemic, we have postponed our actual wedding date from 30 May 2020 to 13 December 2020.

There are so many obstacles and challenges that faced by us. The mixture of feeling & thoughts is complicated during this time. However, we managed to discuss & sort it out.

After all the challenges we've been through, I came to know that 仪式感 is pretty important in our life. We are glad that we still able to achieve it.

Although there are many unforeseen circumstances happened in our original plan, but we are still able to carry out some of the plan without dissatisfaction.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our families, relatives and friends who have attended to our wedding ceremony. Without them, this wedding ceremony wouldn't be perfect anymore. Thanks a lot who gave their blessing to us even though they couldn't make it on the day itself.

Lastly, I wish that everyone of us can get through this pandemic and stay safe! Take care !

Love you all ! xoxo

From: Wei Hsing & Chai Wei

13 December 2020

让我们把您人生中最重要的时刻留下 💏

Wee Photographer

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