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Shuan & Herng Wedding day

Their precious moments

The amazing wedding banquet was the Vangohh Eminent

We always very excited to offer wedding photographer services to couples that are very friendly, talkative and which are extremely enjoyable to work with. This time we work with Shuan & Herng. They decided to have a more traditional wedding, while also bringing in some pretty creative ideas and a modern twist.

It’s always exciting for wedding photographer to constantly try and push the boundaries to bring in some amazing experiences and results. we are very committed to value and quality, and primary focus is to make every customer happy. So that’s why the most important thing for me is to talk with Shuan & Herng and understand their needs.

They chose Our complete package which comes with wedding day photography and many other adjacent features. we was extremely happy to see how excited they were for the event and we shared their happiness as well. They were very easy to work with, and you could easily see their excitement on their faces. Which is great, that’s what we like to see at a wedding and it definitely makes for some amazing photos.

The venue they chose for the wedding banquet was the Vangohh Eminent. They chose a Lavender-style color that really pushed the boundaries, it was visually stunning and we was extremely impressed with the amazing quality and extremely interesting features. They really wanted to make the wedding feel special and everyone attending was super happy for the bride and groom.

Since the lighting for this venue was so great, able to take stellar pictures and everyone appreciated the amazing quality and stunning experiences. It was something that we appreciated, because we got to take a lot of pictures with everyone as well as the families of the groom and bride. It was a very happy time and we was extremely excited to see how everything came together and how great the results were to begin with.

The ceremony was full of festivities and they incorporated traditional elements to really stand out and provide everyone with a great time. Of course, this translated great onto the camera, and it was one of the nicest and most interesting experiences. The wedding itself was great, the entertainment was stunning and we are very happy to be their wedding photographer.

They chose the perfect venue for them and their friends and family. our team worked very hard to capture all the most important moments of the evening in a fun and festive manner. That’s the crucial aspect for us, the fact that we got to bring in all the best results and astounding value that you would need. It’s mandatory for us to ensure that we understand the client requirements and the ideas that they want to use in order to make their wedding photos stand out. I got to capture Shuan & Herng’s ideas in a meaningful way, and wish them all the best in their marriage and life!

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